Unter der Marke ESORI - EXCLUSIVE SELECTION OF RARE INGREDIENTS – bieten wir jene Produkte an, die dem Körper als Ergänzung für unsere tägliche Nahrung zugeführt werden sollten. ESORI-Produkte enthalten Nährstoffe, die der Körper entweder nicht selbst produziert oder, bedingt durch den modernen Lebensstil, ihm nicht täglich bzw. nicht ausreichend zugeführt werden.

In every corner of the world, rare raw materials are found, then gathered and selected and finally, after passing the examination of numerous quality criteria, included in the production process.

The goal of SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL is to process the raw materials as little as possible so they arrive and enter into the body in the most natural way possible. The exclusive selection of rare ingredients, combined with a treatment that preserves their nutrients, ensures the high quality of our products and makes them unique.

ESORI products contain nutrients which the body either cannot produce by itself or which, due to our modern lifestyle, are not supplied daily or in sufficient quantities. Of course, Mother Nature provides us with many row materials, but they do not always contain the nutrients necessary for our body. But they do not always contain the nutrients necessary for our body. No wonder. In the last decades, intensive agriculture has excessively exploited and depleted much of the land. Many fruits and vegetables are picked unripe. Thus, natural maturation by sunlight and the production of numerous nutrients and vital substances is partly prevented. Under these conditions, dietary supplements can be an effective remedy. However, it is necessary to make distinctions. In fact, not all food supplements are of the same (high) quality. At SANUSLIFE® quality is not left to chance, but is determined by an exclusive selection. Based on excellence and safety.

The ingredients used in ESORI constitute a rarity for a number reasons. On the one hand, only 100% natural and, as far as possible, organically-grown raw materials are used. On the other hand, the raw materials are sourced in all parts of the world. And then combined, selected and finally included in the production process, after examination based on numerous quality criteria. And here, too, nothing is left to chance. In fact, all nutrients are obtained by employing “delicate” production methods that keep them intact. The entire process, from the selection of raw materials to the composition of the products, from the realization of the products to the packaging, makes (each) ESORI product(s) unique.

Under the ESORI brand, you will find high-quality products which, in this form and composition, are not yet available on the market.

Through its SANUSSTORE Onlineshop, SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL also offers excellent products, from other manufacturers, which after extensive research have been classified as high-quality and effective.

With a clear conscience, you can buy them at SANUSSTORE.

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